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Herd extract requests

Now available from the HerdMASTER website

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We now have a feature to request a herd extraction quote from your society database and include any of your BREEDPLAN EBV figures and data that has been recorded.

We have a new support technician

Don't get confused, now there are two Damiens!

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The HerdMASTER team would like to introduce you to our newest member, Damien Dussart.

Damien has joined the HerdMASTER support desks and will soon be taking calls.

He's getting up to speed on HerdMASTER very quickly, so I am confident he will make a great impact on waiting times on our phones.

New website launched!

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We have a new website! This has been updated to be a little easier to use and to be easier to maintain in coming years.


The HerdMASTER Team