BREEDPLAN & Society Integration

Submitting to BREEDPLAN and your society is easy in HerdMASTER

Created by ABRI, the same company that created and maintains BREEDPLAN and the ILR breed society database systems, HerdMASTER has comprehensive integration with BREEDPLAN and societies that use the ABRI systems.

With BREEDPLAN and society reports designed specifically for direct submission it's easy to update your data for evaluation and recording, just click on the report that you wish to submit, select your animals and hit the submission buttons!

Map custom, ABRI or society specific traits

You can map your custom traits to extended ABRI BREEDPLAN traits for submission, HerdMASTER 4 also comes with pre-set traits for over 135 societies.


Pre-Filled submission destinations

HerdMASTER has pre-set addresses to send your animal registrations, UQ dna verifications and BREEDPLAN data. If you are using multiple animal breeds, HerdMASTER will alter where it is sending some of these details depending on the breed of the animals selected.

Auto-generated Society IDs

HerdMASTER comes with the ability to auto-generate the Ident your animal will be given by your society. This means when you import EBVs, EPDs, MVPs, GeneProbs, the animal Ident in the file will match the animal in your database without you having to do anything.

(This works with societies which autogenerate Idents based on tattoos)

Compare the data you have submitted to BREEDPLAN to what you have recorded in HerdMASTER

Using the BREEDPLAN Completeness of Performance Comparison you can easily compare the data you have recorded in HerdMASTER to the data you have submitted to BREEDPLAN.

Import and View your EBVs, MVPs, and GeneProb results easily

With dedicated support for EBV, MVP & EPD files, you can import your perfomance results and society files directly into HerdMASTER.

On Import HerdMASTER will check the data against your herd details and apply the results to each animal, you can then see EBV graphs and the direct EBV information for each animal on the animal details screen. We also support the new Extended EBV format.

HerdMASTER supports ABRI GeneProb file types as well as the new Angus GeneProb format.