NLIS / NAIT / CCIA Integration

Keep track of your electronic tags easily

With online submissions, exports and imports integrating with NLIS, NAIT and CCIA you can keep track of your tags easily.

Getting a EU audit? Simply use the retag reports to validate your tag records.

With Retag records, Online tag downloads from NLIS & NAIT, CCIA exports, Automatic tag application for EIDS matched with visual ids, Tag auditing and Movement submissions, HerdMASTER is the easiest way to keep your tag records up to date.


Import your tags directly into HerdMASTER

With the Import tag bucket, you can easily import your tags from your provider by either using a file that they have sent you or using HerdMASTER to login directly to NLIS/NAIT and download the tags you have been assigned.

Retags made easy

When you add a retag, HerdMASTER keeps track of it.

This means you can easily print one of the retag reports for a quick list of all your retags, or you can simply submit them to NLIS/NAIT directly from HerdMASTER just by selecting a date range.

Movements made easy

Submit movements directly to NLIS or NAIT either using sales or movements recorded in HerdMASTER.

Property Ids can be picked up from locations or contacts in HerdMASTER.

Or you can manually select movements to submit with the option of selecting PIC ids and date ranges for submission you can manage your animal movements with ease.

Auto apply animal tags

Are you using electronic tags matched with your visual tag?

If so, you can import your tag bucket before creating the calves, and HerdMASTER can auto-apply the correct NLIS/NAIT tag to the calf as you create them.

Or simply do an audit based on the vid and auto-apply all the tags to the correct animal.