Pedigree & Breeding


 In each animal's details you will find a traversable pedigree tree, this means you can immedately click on an ancestor of the current animal and a new window will come up with the ancestor's details!

You could then look at the ancestors of that animal and traverse it's pedigree tree too, giving you quick access to a massive amount of information.


Built in support for EBVs and the pedigree of every animal allow you to make the best decision for your herd.

HerdMASTER 4 also has 8 in-built reports that include pedigree information as well as the ability to use this information within the custom reporter and sales catalogues. 


Use inbuilt multi-sire matings and genetic testing to determine sires for multi-sire joinings.

Breed percentages on progeny can be updated directly from their sires/dams and even their entire pedigree tree. Change a grand sire's breed percentage and then recalculate and all the subsequent progeny will automatically update to incorporate the new information.

Data entry for matings is a breeze, you can apply all animals in a workgroup to a particular mating, use artificial insemination with or without syncs, Embryos, Natural.

Our new matings report displays the 1st mating event, and then backup bulls along with preg-test results so you can see what method is working for which dam.

Use the huge amount of matings reports to determine who your best breeders are according to your own standards. 


Test the inbreeding percentage of potential matings or the breed percentage with the inbreeding report.

Check individual animals' inbreeding co-efficient to see how much you are line-breeding or outbreeding in your herd.

Submitting to your society

Easier than ever, you can now generate all the reports you need for your society and submit them through HerdMASTER using our handy email buttons on the reports, or you can save them to disk to email later.

HerdMASTER reports use vigorous data integrity checking to make sure the only information that goes onto your report is accurate and concise.