Crush Side Recording Utility

Making life easier at the crush

The Crush Side Recording Utility (CSRU) is a module of HerdMASTER that allows you to easily add and review animal information as they move through the crush, you can connect a wand and scale indicator to the computer to directly scan an electronic tag into HerdMASTER and gather the weight directly from the scales.

Some of the abilities and benefits that the CSRU provides are:

Recording all traits and treatments recording retags
looking up an animal by Electronic ID or VID having the entire animal history displayed on one page
when recording you can assign BREEDPLAN management groups automatically Sale and Purchase details
Movement details and adding Compare to a previous worksheet
Assign Observation codes automatically Assign all scanned animals to a worksheet

With no limits on the number of animals, traits or treatments recorded, the crush side recording utility is the original and still a leader in comprehensive data recording at the crush.

Easy to use

The CSRU is designed so you can customise each run with what you want and process your cattle quicker.

Even if you do not have a wand or a scale indicator, you may manually enter animal tags and weights manually.
NLIS compatible scanning wand
Integration with scales and wands makes life easier, the CSRU can quickly read the data as it comes in from the device, meaning less manual entry for you!

Recording everything you need to

Record all of the following:

  • Treatment - batches and dosage amounts as well
  • Traits - any trait recording, including BREEDPLAN management groups and OBS codes.
  • Weights - including the BREEDPLAN management groups and OBS codes.
  • Retags
  • Add all scanned animals to a worksheet
  • Preg Test results
  • Sales
  • Purchases
  • Matings - including BREEDPLAN management groups, batches of semen and more.
  • Animal diary entries
  • Reminders

View all animal details right at the crush!

View all of the details and history of each animal in the following:

  • Weights
  • Pregnancy tests
  • Traits
  • Treatments
  • Matings
  • Traversable pedigree tree
  • Progeny
  • EBVs
  • Automatic warnings if an animal is inside a withholding period or export limitation
  • Reminder messages when they are due