The Universal File Import Utility

Import almost any file into HerdMASTER

The Universal File Import Utility, or UFIU for short, helps users import from a multitude of different data types into a format HerdMASTER can recognise and understand. 

Support for Microsoft Excel and standard CSV is already supported normally, but if you have an unusual format this is where the UFIU really shines.

Create reusable templates

Using the file as a guide you can quickly and easily create a template to read your file.

By ignoring columns and rows that do not contain information, setting your columns to the data type that you wish to import and de-setting columns you don't need, you can easily tell HerdMASTER's Universal File Import Utility how to read the file.

This template can then be used to read any other file that is ordered in the same way!

Add missing information as you import

 What if you have scale data that has weights and electronic ID's in the file, but not the date or the observation code?

Well if you have selected a template that can read the data file, you can proceed to import and ADD columns with data for every record, adding a date column that had the date that you weighed the animals inserted and adding an observation code such as W2 for weaning observation.

When importing, you can also tell HerdMASTER to only import certain details, such as weights or traits, new animals etc. This way, you only import the information you need and can streamline the import process.