Benefits & Specifications

The worlds most capable herd management software

HerdMASTER 4 is the culmination of 30 years of research and development by ABRI in conjunction with Farmers, breed societies and industry worldwide.

The top name in herd management and perfomance recording software, HerdMASTER is used by producers in over 30 countries and by members of more than 137 breed societies.

Developed using the latest tools, HerdMASTER 4 utilises web service technology to deliver regular updates, help, how-to guides and online services such as online cloud backup and direct integration to the NLIS database and BREEDPLAN program.

Tight society and BREEDPLAN integration, as well as the ability to import/export data from almost any device or software, place HerdMASTER 4 at the cutting edge of technology in livestock recording and reporting.

4 versions of HerdMASTER 4 are available:

Commercial: For commercial operations where breeding and pedigree are not recorded.

Small Stock: For small stock such as sheep/goats/alpacas etc.

Stud: For stud cattle operations, has all the features of commercial and much more.

Free: For stud cattle businesses who only want to record and submit data to their society and BREEDPLAN. Some functions of the full stud version are removed.


  • $190 of free addons! Crush Side Recorder, Visual Farm, and Custom Reporter now free with every subscription license
  • No limitations: Unlike some other programs, there are no limits or extra charges on the number of animals you enter
  • System scalability: From small herds to businesses spanning nations. Single computer or cloud based systems supported
  • Lowest cost, greatest beneifts: We are non-profit, so all money earned goes straight back into R&D for the Agricultural industry
  • Greatest capabilities: For over 30 years HerdMASTER has been at the leading edge of innovation in recording
  • Replaces your stockbooks for Stud cattle, Commercial Cattle, Sheep/Small stock, and game species or any combination of these into one program
  • In-built crush side recording: The first complete crush side recording system made that allows recording of weights, traits, treatments, movements, preg tests, sales, purchases, and the entire animal history. Crush recording integrates 3rd party devices such as scales and wands for easier data entry directly into HerdMASTER
  • Subscription licensing: For lower startup costs, ongoing support and upgrades
  • Integration: HerdMASTER has inbuilt integration with over 136 breed societies, NLIS, NAIT, CCIA, GeneProb, GeneSTAR MVPs and BREEDPLAN
  • View an animal's entire history in one window!
  • Ability to traverse pedigree trees
  • Have multiple animal windows open at once to compare them
  • Customisable treatments/procedures and traits
  • Full embryo inventory system for sale, creation, and implantation of embryos. Allowing for bulk creation and implant operations
  • Batch inventories for semen and treatments
  • Full integration of EBV's into animal details and reports
  • Adjusted weights calculations: Calculates weights based on date of birth and actual weights then ranks the animals against each other
  • Universal File Import Utility: Allows you to import any excel or csv file into HerdMASTER
  • Withholding periods and export limitations can be set on treatments
  • Import animals from sire summaries and ai sire files if your society supports them

Software Specifications

Operating Systems:
Windows XP SP3 | Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows Server 2003 SP2
Windows 8 | Windows 8.1
Windows 10 (Windows 10 may cause visual farm to function incorrectly)

Recommended Operating System:
Windows 7

Processor: 1.4ghz+

RAM: 1gb+

Recommended RAM: 2gb+

Minimum Graphics: 1024x768 pixels

Recommended Graphics: 1280x1024 pixels

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