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Quick Animal Changes

Viewing an animal's details has never been easier!

Animal Details When you enter the animal details screen, the entire history of each animal is displayed in one handy place.Bull Animal details screenshot
You can change details, view the weight growth, pedigree, documentation, society id's, ear tags, EBVS and every detail of the animal.

Adding a Calf or Lamb

calf Adding calves is easy, using the add calf option, you can select the dam and enter the birthing details. The mating that is the most likely will be pre-selected!

HerdMASTER eartag drawing
You can even set autotag to automatically generate a unique tag for your animal!

Animal List customisation

Animal list screenshot Customising your Animal List has never been easier, just click and drag the column title across to the position you want it. Alter animal list screenshot

To view inactive or off-site animals there are checkboxes at the bottom left of your list.

Copy and Paste directly into Excel

Not only can HerdMASTER save any report into Excel format but if you have Microsoft Excel installed, you can select any rows from almost any list or report in HerdMASTER and simply use the copy hotkey (ctrl-c) and then, in excel simply paste and the records you selected will paste straight in.

Excel to HerdMASTER infographic

Speeding up selection using Worksheets

Selected cattle

By adding animals to worksheets you can quickly use that group of animals in any report or action such as group matings, procedures like drenching, preg tests and more!

Any animal can be added to any number of worksheets, allowing for full flexibility in dealing with your herd.

Further selections using filters

Filter screenshot

Creating filters is a breeze, just select all the attributes to filter a list on and what conditions you want on them.

selected and filtered cattle

You can apply a filter to a report selection screen, animal list or to any area that allows you to use worksheets.

This allows you to further narrow the resulting animals down to fit the criteria.

Column Filters on Lists

If you just need to select animals temporarily in a list you can use the column filters by clicking on the picture of a funnelfilter funnel screenshot on any column.

This allows you to quickly create a temporary filter to find particular animals within a list.

Bulk Changes

Bulk changes allow you to tell HerdMASTER to quickly change a large number of animals to a given set of attributes.

HerdMASTER 4 also allows recalculation of many attributes like birth years, IDs.

You can also bulk add animals either through an easy-to-use window: Bulk Change animal details screenshot or import them from a file using the Universal File Import Utility.