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BREEDPLAN & NLIS Integration

BREEDPLAN Integration

Submitting to BREEDPLAN through your society is easy in HerdMASTER

Created by ABRI, the same company that created and maintains BREEDPLAN and ILR, HerdMASTER has comprehensive integration with BREEDPLAN and societies that use the ILR systems.

With BREEDPLAN reports designed specifically to submit through your society it's easy to submit your data for evaluation, just click on the report that you wish to submit, select your animals and hit the email button!

Compare the data you have submitted to BREEDPLAN to what you have recorded in HerdMASTER

Using the BREEDPLAN Completeness of Performance Comparison you can easily compare the data you have recorded in HerdMASTER to the data you have submitted to BREEDPLAN.

Map custom or society specific traits

You can map your custom traits to ABRI BREEDPLAN traits for submission, HerdMASTER 4 also comes with pre-set traits for over 135 societies.

Import and View your EBV's easily

With dedicated support for EBV files, you can import your EBV and society files and HerdMASTER will check it against your herd details and apply the data, you can then see EBV graphs and the direct EBV information for each animal on the animal details screen.

NLIS Integration

Import your NLIS tags directly into HerdMASTER

With the Import tag bucket, you can easily import your tags from NLIS by either using a file that they have sent you or using HerdMASTER to login directly to NLIS and download the tags you have been assigned.

Assigning NLIS tags has never been easier

NLIS Eartag picture

In View/Edit Tagbucket you see your list of animals and their current ID's and can easily assign specific tags from your tag bucket to an animal.

With the Crush side recorder you can scan a particular NLIS tag and assign it to an animal.

In Animal Details you can manually enter the NLIS tag.

Find problems with your tags and fix them quicker

With the NLIS Audit feature you can quickly find any animals that may have been mis-tagged, and process corrections to their tags.

Submitting re-tags is also a breeze with a simple menu option allowing you to connect directly to the NLIS database and submit any re-tags you have done.

Submit animal sales/movements

You can submit animal movements either by E-Mail/Post or directly to NLIS through HerdMASTER.

With the option of selecting PIC ids and date ranges for submission you can manage your animal movements with ease.