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The Crush Side Recording Utility

Scanning tags and enter weights with Crush side recording utility

Making life a little easier at the crush

The Crush Side Recording Utility (CSRU) is a module of HerdMASTER that allows you to easily add and review animal information as they move through the crush, some of the abilities and benefits that the CSRU has are:

  • Add a trait observation template - You can add multiple traits to a template and then load the template into the CSRU so that as they move through the crush you can enter those traits in on each animal scanned.
  • Add procedure templates - If you are going to be running a particular procedure template(Like castration and vaccinations) you can load various procedure templates into the CSRU so you can enter the details for the procedures in on each animal
  • Edit/Modify almost any animal detail as it runs through the crush
  • Integration with a wide variety of devices like weights and wands - We are also one of the only groups to allow for connecting plug'n'play devices.
  • View entire animal history on a single, easy to navigate, page

Cow being entered into CSRU

Easy to use

The CSRU is designed so you can customise each run with what you want and process your cattle quicker.
Even if you do not have a wand, you may manually enter animal tags.
NLIS compatible scanning wand
Integration with scales and wands makes life easier, the CSRU can quickly read the data as it comes in from the device, meaning less manual entry for you!

No specialised devices needed!

A lot of crush based software will only run on a particular device, HerdMASTER 4 CSRU will run on any system which can run a full version of windows, that means you could use a netbook, laptops or tablets.