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Australian Pricing

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The pricing below is valid for Australia and north America, for international pricing please contact our agents

We offer the best value for money herd recording and management package on the market.

A HerdMASTER license is for an unlimited number of animals, there is no premium cost based on your herd size!

Click the button below to see the features of all versions. (Commercial, Stud or Small Stock)

Feature List

We have moved to a yearly subscription/lease model for HerdMASTER 4, this price includes 1 on 1 phone and email technical support and all the upgrades for the year.

This means a lower start up cost for you and the security of knowing that if circumstances change you can discontinue the subscription

Prices are excluding GST.

Choose either Commercial core, Stud core or Small Stock core

ItemCost ($AUD)information
Setup Fee$200Initial setup only charged on first bill
HerdMASTER Commercial Core$300HerdMASTER core for commercial properties
HerdMASTER Stud Core$350HerdMASTER core for stud properties
includes all functionality of commercial core
HerdMASTER Small Stock Core$350HerdMASTER core for small stock such as goats and sheep
HerdMASTER Central Synch$350 per connecting system.HerdMASTER central server synching, great if you have multiple computers on different properties that need to update information to a central server

Additional Modules

Crush Side Recording Utility



with subscription
Helps you enter data at your crush
you can enter procedures such as weighings, treatments and observations on the spot
Visual Farm



with subscription
Helps you move animals and visualise paddock density
you can map out your property and paddocks, allowing you to use this visual reference to view paddock density and control animal movement.
Custom Reporter



with subscription
Create your own customised reports showing only what you need and export them!