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Supported Societies

HerdMASTER 4 is used by members of the following societies

last updated 23/1/2015
CountryBreed Societies
Australia Angus
Australia Bazadais
Australia Belmont Red
Australia Belted Galloway
Australia Blonde
Australia Bonsmara
Australia Boran
Australia Braford
Australia Brahman
Australia Brangus
Australia Charbray
Australia Charolais
Australia Composite Cattle
Australia Deer
Australia Devon
Australia Dexter
Australia Dorper
Australia Droughtmaster
Australia Gelbvieh
Australia Hereford
Australia Limousin
Australia Lincoln Red
Australia Lowline
Australia Murray Grey
Australia Performance Herds
Australia Poll Hereford
Australia Red Angus
Australia Red Poll
Australia Salers
Australia Santa Gertrudis
Australia Senepol
Australia Shorthorn
Australia Simmental
Australia South Devon
Australia Speckle Park
Australia Tuli
Australia Wagyu
Canada Angus
Canada Charolais
Canada Chianina
Canada Hereford
Canada Highland
Canada Simmental
Canada Speckle Park
Canada Wagyu
Namibia Angus
Namibia Beefmaster
Namibia Boerbokke
Namibia Bonsmara
Namibia Boran
Namibia Brahman
Namibia Braunvieh
Namibia Charolais
Namibia Dexter
Namibia Dorpers
Namibia Hereford
Namibia Huguenot
Namibia Limousin
Namibia Nguni
Namibia Pinz
Namibia Santa Gertrudis
Namibia Senepol
Namibia Sussex
Namibia Van Rooy
New Zealand Angus
New Zealand Angus Pure
New Zealand Charolais
New Zealand Composite

HerdMASTER is regularly adding support for more societies, please contact our team for additional society support.

CountryBreed Societies
New Zealand Hereford
New Zealand Manj
New Zealand Murray Grey
New Zealand Salers
New Zealand Shorthorn
New Zealand Simmental
New Zealand South Devon
South Africa Afrikaner
South Africa AfriSim
South Africa AfriSim
South Africa Angus
South Africa Beefmaster
South Africa Blesbok
South Africa Boerbokke
South Africa Boerbokke
South Africa Bonsmara
South Africa Bontebok
South Africa Boran
South Africa Bovelder
South Africa Braford
South Africa Brahman
South Africa Brangus
South Africa Braunvieh
South Africa Buffalo
South Africa Charolais
South Africa Dormer
South Africa Dorper
South Africa Eland
South Africa Feedlot
South Africa Gemsbok
South Africa Hereford
South Africa Il De France
South Africa Impala
South Africa Kudu
South Africa Limousin
South Africa Merino
South Africa Nguni
South Africa Nyala
South Africa Roan
South Africa Sable
South Africa Santa Gertrudis
South Africa Simbra
South Africa Simmental
South Africa Springbok
South Africa Sussex
South Africa Swakara
South Africa Tsessebe
South Africa Tuli
South Africa Vleis Merino
South Africa Wildebeeste
Zimbabwe Angus
Zimbabwe Beefmaster
Zimbabwe Boerbokke
Zimbabwe Bonsmara
Zimbabwe Boran
Zimbabwe Brahman
Zimbabwe DORPERS
Zimbabwe Droughtmaster
Zimbabwe Hereford
Zimbabwe Limousin
Zimbabwe Mashona
Zimbabwe Nguni
Zimbabwe Santa Gertrudis
Zimbabwe Senepol
Zimbabwe Simbra
Zimbabwe Simmental
Zimbabwe Sussex
Zimbabwe Tuli