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One on One User Support

User Support

User Support - Email, Phone, Documentation, Training

For self-help we have the Online Support section on this site.

If you want to contact us directly, we have Phone and E-Mail support.

The HerdMASTER team can use remote assistance to log directly into your system to help you.

If you want in-person training on any aspect of the program, we can provide it for yourself and your team.

HerdMASTER 4 Online Support

Online Support

Want to find more information?
Maybe see if a problem you have has a common solution?

Or maybe find instruction on features you have yet to master?

With a comprehensive knowledge base of Manuals, tutorials, videos and a tip sheet section, the HerdMASTER support site can fulfill your needs.

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Phone and E-Mail Support

Email and Phone Support

Need a solution or maybe just advice immediately?

Our Australian phone line and support E-Mail address are open from 9am-5pm (AUS EST) every NSW business working day.

To find the contacts appropriate for your country click below.

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Remote Assistance

Logging into your system remotely

HerdMASTER support technicians can directly log on to your computer through the internet.

This allows us to help show you how to do things, fix errors and even identify particular problems for you.

Remote Assistance is accessible through the help menu, just enter the 6 digit support code that the technician supplies you and run the downloaded program.

User Training

HerdMASTER organises group training sessions to train users on our product, if there is going to be a training session near you we will automatically send you an invitation and details.

You can also request an individual training session for yourself or for others on specific or general use of HerdMASTER 4

Contact us now to organise training by clicking below.

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Using a multi-option approach to training