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HerdMASTER 4 training introduction Welcome to the HerdMASTER Training program, you will find each part is a video with accompanying text from the training manual. This series is designed to be watched in order, building on the examples used in the last part.
HerdMASTER training part 1 - Site Options Play Video part one of the online training program. Part 1 deals with the setup site options and what each setting is used for, enabling you to setup HerdMASTER for easier and more efficient performance recording of your herd. - Play time: 40mins
HerdMASTER training part 2 - Getting Around Herdmaster Play Video General instructions on where areas are in HerdMASTER.
HerdMASTER training part 3 - The Animal List Play Video How to modify what the animal list displays in HerdMASTER as well as searching for animals.
HerdMASTER training part 4 - customising the animal list Play Video Customise the Animal List to only show the information you need in the order you want.
HerdMASTER training part 5 - Worksheets and Filters Play Video A breif explaination of how worksheets and filters differ, how to use them together and some examples on using them together.
HerdMASTER training part 6 - Adding animals and sires for mating Play Video How to add animals and sires for matings. We also look at importing AI Sires from AI Sire Summary or just Sire Summary files and recording batches of semen.
HerdMASTER training part 7 - Recording and using Embryos Play Video HerdMASTER is one of the only systems in the world to give users the ability to easily bulk or singly create, implant and sell embryos, all while maintaining data integrity and adjusting inter-calving period correctly. This tipsheet shows you how to correctly use the embryo inventory to add and implant embryos with all the details required so that when a calf is added to a recip dam all the information is correctly assigned.

HerdMASTER Documentation

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HerdMASTER v4 Installation Guide Manual for installing HerdMASTER 4 onto a computer.
HerdMASTER v4 Setup and Upgrade Wizard Setting up HerdMASTER 4 for the first time and upgrading from HerdMASTER 3.
Installing on a new computer How to install HerdMASTER 4 onto a modern computer
Converting a HerdMASTER Database from version 3 to Version 4 A guide on how to convert your HerdMASTER 3 database to HerdMASTER 4.
Changing Users Access and Passwords in HerdMASTER Setting up new users, passwords and property access.
Restore from a backup How to restore from a backup file.
Updating Your HerdMASTER License How to update your license in HerdMASTER to allow new modules or extend your expiry date after invoice payment.
Setting up the Auto-calc grade Setup HerdMASTER to automatically calculate calf grades based on the Sire and Dam grades.
Setup Autofill Email and Passwords for NLIS, Society and BREEDPLAN submissions How to setup HerdMASTER to autofill your email address when needed and to autofill all of your NLIS access information for when you need to download your tagbucket or submit information to NLIS, CCIA, NAIT, breed societies and BREEDPLAN.
Invoicing How to create a sale in HerdMASTER 4 and then raise an Invoice from that sale.
Worksheets and Filters Explained A breif explaination of how worksheets and filters differ, how to use them together and some examples on using them together.
Setup Filter How to create a filter to filter your animal lists in selection screens and on the animal list.
Setup Worksheets How to create a worksheet
Using Yardsheets Yardsheets are a way of printing out a report from HerdMASTER with additional empty columns to enter data when you are in the paddock. You can then use this information to read that data into HerdMASTER using an action template or simply through the Data Entry windows.
Create Sales Catalogues How to use the extract sales catalogue feature and use a template in word.
Visual Farm Manual How to use the Visual Farm module to setup a visual representation of your properties and paddocks and enable viewing animal densities, points of interest and enact movements between paddocks visually.
Auto-generating ID Tags Using automatic ID tag generation is a useful feature to save time in HerdMASTER, allowing you the ability to tell HerdMASTER what IDs to generate in which field for appropriate submission when dealing with societies and your own animal labelling.
Calculating Adjusted Weights and Ratios How to calculate adjusted weights and the ratios for animals based on when they were born compared to the observation date you weighed them on. This helps you compare animals to each other that were calved on different dates even though you later weighed them on the same date.


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Using Animal Pictures with HerdMASTER Central Sync 2 methods to use pictures when you are using HerdMASTER central sync.
Avoiding the Intercalving Period Warning Using the intercalving period warning to prevent adding calves twice and to prevent adding calves to a dam who should not have been pregnant (due to having a calf recently).
Exporting to Logix
Eye Pigmentation Codes for African Simbra Eye Pigmentation Codes for African Simbra.

Tagbuckets & Stock Traceability

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Maintain Your Electronic Retag Records How to use the Retag reports to determine which animals may need their EID and NID retag records cleaned up to keep your NLIS, CCIA and NAIT files accurrate for your beef herd. Also covers how to go about deleting unnecessary retags so that you can submit quickly and efficiently to NLIS, any retagged animals.
NLIS Integration Specifies how to use the NLIS integration contained in HerdMASTER 4. Specifies how to: import tagbuckets, auto-generate animal tag recommendations, Auditing your NLIS tags, view/edit your TagBuckets, Submitting animal movements and submitting retags


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Animal Fating How to fate animals in HerdMASTER and send the information to your society. This also covers how to add and submit your BREEDPLAN DTC fates.
Adding an Animal Movement How to enter animal movements through the animal details, Data Entry and View / Edit screens
Bulk Add Animal With Matings Import Animals using Bulk Add Animals (Stud) so that they match up to existing matings.
Bulk adding of Stud Animals Use the Bulk Add Animals (Stud) Utility to add animals into your animal list.
Bulk Add Animals for Commercial Herds How to use the Bulk Add Animals function for a commercial herd. Covers adding the animals as purchases as well.
Changing the Breed of an Animal How to change the Breeding Group Code of an animal. This steps through an example of changing the breed of an animal from South African Simmental to South African Simbrah.
Using Bulk Add Animals to Import a CSV including Matings Import Animals using Bulk Add Animals (Stud) so that they match up to existing matings.


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Importing BREEDPLAN EBVs Importing EBVs from BREEDPLAN.
Preparing a Weights and Traits Extract for Breedplan in HerdMASTER 4 How to prepare a weights and traits BREEDPLAN extract.
Record and Submit DTC Fates to BREEDPLAN with your Matings How to record your BREEDPLAN DTC Fates and then submit the information to BREEDPLAN with your Matings and Preg Tests.
Submitting Mature Cow Weights to BREEDPLAN How to submit a dam's mature weights to BREEDPLAN.
Optimal Breedplan Recording Dates Calculate the optimal recording dates for BREEDPLAN data.
BREEDPLAN Completeness of performance report Using the Completeness of Performance Comparison report to compare what you have recorded in HerdMASTER to what you have submitted to BREEDPLAN

Bulk Changes

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Bulk Change Animal Tags Using the Bulk Change Utilities to bulk change the Animal Tags including: appending to the front or the end and removing / replacing characters from the front or end of the animal tag.
Bulk Change Weights and Traits How to do bulk changes on weights and traits that have been previously recorded
Bulk Changing Performance Groups How to use the Bulk Change Performance Groups utility.

Central Sync

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Restore from a Central Database How to load or reload your animal database from a central sync system if you already have one. Useful if you are connecting a new computer to the sync or if you wish to restore the database from the central sync.
Connecting to a Central Server database How to setup HerdMASTER to connect to your Central Sync.
Central Sync Conflict Resolution With update we introduce the conflict resolution center into the Central Sync system for HerdMASTER. This reduces the possibility of errors from two or more users updating animal details at the same time, and then synching.
Using Images on Multiple Systems or on Central Sync How to use images in HerdMASTER on multiple systems or a Central Sync.

Crush Side Recording Utility

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Crush Side Recording Utility Manual The full user manual for the Crush Side Recording Utility
Tru-Test XR5000 How to connect the Tru-Test XR5000 to work with the Crush Side Recording Utility in wireless bluetooth mode as well as by cable.
Tru-Test EW7 How to wirelessly connect a Tru-Test EW7 to the crush side recording utility using Bluetooth.
HerdMASTER Device Integration (scales and wands) Connecting devices to use in the crush side recorder of HerdMASTER. Has basic setup details for Gallagher, Tru-test, Iconix fx41, Thunderbird.
Set up Treatment Templates How and where to use Treatment Templates for use within the Crush Side Recording Utility.
Set up Trait Templates How to setup and use Trait Templates within the Crush Side Recording utility.

Custom Reporter

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Using Custom Reporter How to use the custom reporter module to design your own reports.
Importing and Exporting Custom Reporter Files Shows how to import and export a rep[ort format for the custom reporter.


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Universal File Import Utility Manual The Universal File Import Utility (or UFIU) is a utility which allows the user to adjust templates to allow for correct reading of almost any file format.
Importing Traits Using the Universal File Import Utility How to use the Universal File Import Utility, or UFIU, to import traits into your herd records.
Importing AI Sires from the AI sire summary file The advantage of importing AI sires is that you can import an animal and his sire and dam with no manual input of society ids, which reduces the possibility of mistyping, gets you some of the pedigree and saves you time taken for data entry. You may also use this list to browse EBVs, contact details for owners and much more.
When a file you are importing uses a different date format Tip sheet on how to import information from a file when it uses a different date format to your system or different date formats between columns.
TSI integration with HerdMASTER Using a Gallagher TSI device in conjunction with HerdMASTER for herd management and recording.
How to setup Procedures for Feedmaster Feedlot in Botswana and integration with Botswana LITS How to setup Procedures for Feedlot, for Botswana Feedmaster and LITS integration.

Matings / Calves

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Recording Calves How to record new calves in HerdMASTER using Add Calf and Add Animal windows.
Recording dead calves How to record stillborn and aborted calves.
Recording and Using Embryos HerdMASTER is one of the only systems in the world to give users the ability to easily bulk or singly create, implant and sell embryos, all while maintaining data integrity and adjusting inter-calving period correctly. This tipsheet shows you how to correctly use the embryo inventory to add and implant embryos with all the details required so that when a calf is added to a recip dam all the information is correctly assigned.
Recording Matings Record Matings using the Data Entry Matings screen. Gives instruction on how to record natural, AI (Sync and observed) and Embryo matings
Using Bulk Add Animals to Import a CSV including Matings Import Animals using Bulk Add Animals (Stud) so that they match up to existing matings.
Recording Multi-Sires How to record multiple sire groups for matings and then update your calf parentage once a DNA test is done.
Updating Multi-Sire Calves from an Imported Sire List How to update your calf records to have the correct sire from a multi-sire mating by importing a file. This is useful if you get the results of genetic testing electronically.
Recording Pregnancy Tests Recording Pregnancy Tests for animals.
View DTC Matings Tips for using the new mode for viewing and editing DTC matings events.
DTC Validation Error when trying to enter matings When there is a validation error saying that 'group is required' encountered when trying to enter matings.

QA Reports

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Using the Animal Withholding List Report How to use the report to show which animals need to be withheld or are export limited on a particular date.
On Farm Growth Test Phase D On Growth farm test phase D

Reporting to Societies

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Society Registration Register your new calves and other animals with your breed society quickly and easily.

Treatments & Traits

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Traits How to create traits, map them to the standard ABRI traits and enter data for them.
Treatments How to use Treatments and Procedures in HerdMASTER 4 correctly. Also covers using batches and setting up Administration Methods as well as location based treatments.
Recording and Submitting Carcase Traits sent back from your Abattoir or Processer If you wish to record traits back from your processor/abattoir such as Carcase P8 Fat or Carcase IMF or any other traits they send you. The traits can be imported into HerdMASTER and used for your own records or submitted through to BREEDPLAN using a special report.
Setup and use Action Templates Setup and use an Action Template to record weights, traits and procedures (treatments) all at once for multiple animals.
South African Brahman docility scoring method SA Brahman Docility scoring Method


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Using the SQL Server Connection Repair Tool If you get the errors: "SQL server is unavailable or SQL server is not the correct version" or HerdMASTER opens in the database setup window.
A lot of Incorrect Animals are Listed on my DTC Matings Submission Report What to do when you keep getting a lot of animals appearing in the DTC Mating report and BREEDPLAN DTC submission that did not have any actual matings against them.
Animals are sorted out of order Specifies why sometimes the animal tags of your herd are out of order, even when sorting by the animal tag, and details how to fix it by using padding on any numbers in the animal tag.
anti-virus problems For when your antivirus gets false positive results and blocks HerdMASTER from operating normally, this includes when updates download but cannot install, when you get ".dll is missing" errors and more.
Avoiding Excel Errors Tips on how to avoid common errors when creating or editing excel files that you wish to import into HerdMASTER through the Universal File Import Utility
Fixing Error 'Unable to save settings. Root Element Missing.' Shows the cause, and how to fix, the error "Unable to save settings. Root Element missing."
Forgotten or Lost Password If you have forgotten or lost the password to your database in HerdMASTER.
If you cannot type into a textbox What to do when you can't type into a textbox. This is usually apparent in the create filter window when you can select from the drop down boxes but cannot type into the name or condition boxes.