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Importing BREEDPLAN EBVs Importing EBVs from BREEDPLAN.
Preparing a Weights and Traits Extract for Breedplan in HerdMASTER 4 How to prepare a weights and traits BREEDPLAN extract.
Record and Submit DTC Fates to BREEDPLAN with your Matings How to record your BREEDPLAN DTC Fates and then submit the information to BREEDPLAN with your Matings and Preg Tests.
Submitting Mature Cow Weights to BREEDPLAN How to submit a dam's mature weights to BREEDPLAN.
Optimal Breedplan Recording Dates Calculate the optimal recording dates for BREEDPLAN data.
BREEDPLAN Completeness of performance report Using the Completeness of Performance Comparison report to compare what you have recorded in HerdMASTER to what you have submitted to BREEDPLAN