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Universal File Import Utility Manual The Universal File Import Utility (or UFIU) is a utility which allows the user to adjust templates to allow for correct reading of almost any file format.
Importing Traits Using the Universal File Import Utility How to use the Universal File Import Utility, or UFIU, to import traits into your herd records.
Importing AI Sires from the AI sire summary file The advantage of importing AI sires is that you can import an animal and his sire and dam with no manual input of society ids, which reduces the possibility of mistyping, gets you some of the pedigree and saves you time taken for data entry. You may also use this list to browse EBVs, contact details for owners and much more.
When a file you are importing uses a different date format Tip sheet on how to import information from a file when it uses a different date format to your system or different date formats between columns.
TSI integration with HerdMASTER Using a Gallagher TSI device in conjunction with HerdMASTER for herd management and recording.
How to setup Procedures for Feedmaster Feedlot in Botswana and integration with Botswana LITS How to setup Procedures for Feedlot, for Botswana Feedmaster and LITS integration.