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How to record new calves in HerdMASTER using Add Calf and Add Animal windows.
How to record stillborn and aborted calves.
HerdMASTER is one of the only systems in the world to give users the ability to easily bulk or singly create, implant and sell embryos, all while maintaining data integrity and adjusting inter-calving period correctly. This tipsheet shows you how to correctly use the embryo inventory to add and implant embryos with all the details required so that when a calf is added to a recip dam all the information is correctly assigned.
Record Matings using the Data Entry Matings screen. Gives instruction on how to record natural, AI (Sync and observed) and Embryo matings
Import Animals using Bulk Add Animals (Stud) so that they match up to existing matings.
How to record multiple sire groups for matings and then update your calf parentage once a DNA test is done.
How to update your calf records to have the correct sire from a multi-sire mating by importing a file. This is useful if you get the results of genetic testing electronically.
Recording Pregnancy Tests for animals.
Tips for using the new mode for viewing and editing DTC matings events.
When there is a validation error saying that 'group is required' encountered when trying to enter matings.