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Welcome to the HerdMASTER Training program, you will find each part is a video with accompanying text from the training manual. This series is designed to be watched in order, building on the examples used in the last part.
part one of the online training program. Part 1 deals with the setup site options and what each setting is used for, enabling you to setup HerdMASTER for easier and more efficient performance recording of your herd. - Play time: 40mins
General instructions on where areas are in HerdMASTER.
How to modify what the animal list displays in HerdMASTER as well as searching for animals.
Customise the Animal List to only show the information you need in the order you want.
A breif explaination of how worksheets and filters differ, how to use them together and some examples on using them together.
How to add animals and sires for matings. We also look at importing AI Sires from AI Sire Summary or just Sire Summary files and recording batches of semen.
HerdMASTER is one of the only systems in the world to give users the ability to easily bulk or singly create, implant and sell embryos, all while maintaining data integrity and adjusting inter-calving period correctly. This tipsheet shows you how to correctly use the embryo inventory to add and implant embryos with all the details required so that when a calf is added to a recip dam all the information is correctly assigned.