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Traits How to create traits, map them to the standard ABRI traits and enter data for them.
Treatments How to use Treatments and Procedures in HerdMASTER 4 correctly. Also covers using batches and setting up Administration Methods as well as location based treatments.
Recording and Submitting Carcase Traits sent back from your Abattoir or Processer If you wish to record traits back from your processor/abattoir such as Carcase P8 Fat or Carcase IMF or any other traits they send you. The traits can be imported into HerdMASTER and used for your own records or submitted through to BREEDPLAN using a special report.
Setup and use Action Templates Setup and use an Action Template to record weights, traits and procedures (treatments) all at once for multiple animals.
South African Brahman docility scoring method SA Brahman Docility scoring Method