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If you get the errors: "SQL server is unavailable or SQL server is not the correct version" or HerdMASTER opens in the database setup window.
What to do when you keep getting a lot of animals appearing in the DTC Mating report and BREEDPLAN DTC submission that did not have any actual matings against them.
Specifies why sometimes the animal tags of your herd are out of order, even when sorting by the animal tag, and details how to fix it by using padding on any numbers in the animal tag.
For when your antivirus gets false positive results and blocks HerdMASTER from operating normally, this includes when updates download but cannot install, when you get ".dll is missing" errors and more.
Tips on how to avoid common errors when creating or editing excel files that you wish to import into HerdMASTER through the Universal File Import Utility
Shows the cause, and how to fix, the error "Unable to save settings. Root Element missing."
If you have forgotten or lost the password to your database in HerdMASTER.
What to do when you can't type into a textbox. This is usually apparent in the create filter window when you can select from the drop down boxes but cannot type into the name or condition boxes.
If you get the error: the file is compressed but does not reside in a read-only database or filegroup. The file must be decompressed or attribute erros on install of HerdMASTER.
If you have Bullguard antivirus installed and are trying to install HerdMASTER and it fails, it may say SQL failed to install or simply not run the SQL service after install.