HerdMASTER Free / Trial

HerdMASTER Free!

This new version of HerdMASTER is designed specifically with members of BREEDPLAN who just wish to submit data and do not require a full herd management software package.


We offer no support to the free version of HerdMASTER, if support is required it is charged at $150(AUD) + GST per hour, charged by the half-hour - minimum half-hour charge of $75 + GST.

What can it do?

HerdMASTER Free can record matings, animals, submit registrations, create multi-sires add diary entries and submit BREEDPLAN Data such as: weights, traits, matings, Days to Calving Fates and preg tests.
You can also use the Universal File Import Utility to import sessions from your scale indicators and other devices.
It does not keep track of inventories, does not produce reports or contain many other features available in the full version of HerdMASTER.
Check out the features page for more detail on what HerdMASTER Free can and cannot do.

Seamless upgrade

If you have been using HerdMASTER Free and now decide you want to use the full suite of tools upgrading is easy, simply call or email us to let us know and we can set up an account for you, all you have to do is put in your customer reference number and HerdMASTER immedaitely activates the extra features all while keeping all the records you have got currently entered.

How do I get it?

To use HerdMASTER Free simply install the trial and choose to trial stud or commercial and any extra modules (like crush recording) you wish to trial, then once the trial runs out the program will change to free mode and limit it's functionality to submissions to society and BREEDPLAN.
To go to the trial simply fill out the form on This Page and you will be sent an email.