Older (Saltbush) Software

The EquiMASTER and FeedMania software is no longer supported and development has ceased on it.
Whilst it is still functional, patches and updates will not be supplied and new bugs/compatibility issues will not be fixed.

If you decide to purchase the advertised software below, you purchase it 'as is', no bug support for newer operating systems is included.

To purchase EquiMASTER or FeedMania please call or email our sales desk at:

Phone: (02) 6773 3310
E-Mail: sales@saltbush.une.edu.au


HerdMagic and CashMagic support discontinued

As at June 2015, support for CashMagic & HerdMagic has been completely discontinued; These programs no longer work properly on modern systems and we have been supporting them at no cost to customers for over 10 years.

HerdMagic customers are recommended to upgrade to the latest version of HerdMASTER, which has many improvements and the team can convert your data into the new format for you.

CashMagic has no new version and none planned in the future.


As at December 2017 we have discontinued support for the HerdMASTER 3 stock book recording software, this is an old version and does not work correctly on modern versions of windows.


What is EquiMASTER?

EquiMaster is easy to learn and easy to use software that lets you get on with the business of running your horse stud. A complete breeding management program which gives you daily worksheets, foaling lists, mare lists, accurate fertility records, paddock rosters, branding schedules, stock counts and more. EquiMaster will calculate all chargeable agistment fees and will generate your own professionally presented invoices and statements.

Versions Prices Information
EquiMASTER v4.01 P.O.A. EquiMaster includes:
  • Accurate records.
  • User friendly.
  • Centralised database.
  • Integrated Billing and separate ledger for stud and vet.
  • Daily Worksheets.
  • Mare and foaling lists.
  • Fertility records.
  • Stock counts and more...


What does FeedMania do?

Feedmania is software designed to optimise animal feed formulation and feed management.

The program enables the feeds to be tailored to the needs of particular animals thus saving you money.

Feedmania can also save you money by being used in negotiations with feed suppliers.
Feedmania rations are formulated with “opportunity costs” calculated for ingredients. Prices for ingredients have to match the opportunity cost before more will be used in a diet that still meets a least-cost criteria.

Feedmania allows nutrient constraints to be set as a ratio of another nutrient. This is especially useful for setting amino acid levels in relation to energy. As the energy level varies in a diet, amino acid levels adjust automatically.




$1195 (incl. GST)


Feedmania Farmer is specifically developed for on farm use. It is simple to use and can help in the development of rations for livestock.

Feedmania Farmer is the basic Feedmania and can do the following:

  • Formulate Diets from a given Diet Specification.
  • Diet Specifications can be saved for future re-formulations.
  • The formulation results (Diets) can be viewed and printed but not saved.
  • Diet reports can be customized.
  • Multiple versions of Diet Specifications can be saved for future reference
  • Formulates on a least cost per tonne, least cost per tonne dry matter, and least cost per unit energy basis.
  • Can be used to formulate balanced Diets for the intensive feeding for any species.




$2195 (incl. GST)


FeedMania Mill is designed specifically for use in feed mills, feed companies and feedlots.

FeedMania Mill can do all the functions FeedMania Farmer can plus:

  • Saving formulation results, as “Saved Diets” for future retrieval and reference.
  • Multiple formulation of diets simultaneously, called “Multi-feed”. This will allocate Ingredients in short-supply most economically among the diets.
  • “Parametric” formulation of diets sequentially with incremental changes to diet specification or pricing.
  • “Inventory” reports that list ingredients required to mix a range of diets.
  • Diet reports can be printed in a format suitable for Feed Mills.
  • Diets can be exported into text and CSV format suitable for manipulation by other software (eg. Excel)




$3195 (incl. GST)


FeedMania Consultant is a powerful tool that can store rations and diets for future use. It contains the ability to store client information and details as well as least cost ration options.

Used heavily by international clients and those that are on the go and need all client information at their fingertips.

FeedMania Consultant can do all the functions FeedMania Farmer and Mill can plus:

  • Maintains a client file
  • Maintains independent ingredient price lists for each client. This could also be used as a historical record of prices, such as a new client for each month.
  • Maintains independent lists of Diet Specifications for each client.
  • Maintains independent lists of Saved diets for each client
  • Allows a Common list of Diet Specifications, to be formulated using independent Client Price lists.