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HerdMASTER is the product of over 30 years of research and development by ABRI in conjunction with Farmers and industry worldwide.
Originally created in the 1980's under the title of HerdMagic, it progressed to windows versions in the 90's, then the newer versions titled HerdMASTER in the 00's. HerdMASTER 4 was released in 2009 and has had constant upgrades for subscribers.

It is designed to provide easy data entry and livestock herd management for a wide range of farmers in a wide range of situations. HerdMASTER 4 facilitates easy reporting to Breedplan, NLIS and societies. With customisation of treatments and traits, and a wide range of industry integration, HerdMASTER is the ultimate replacement for your stockbooks.

HerdMASTER is used in over 32 countries and has inbuilt support for over 172 breed societies.

Users can customise HerdMASTER to suit their own individual needs, adjusting for a wide variety of traits, procedures and treatments.

For users who need a specifically customised verison of the HerdMASTER software, the team can build a specific version that suits your needs. If you need this service please contact us for a quote.



  • 1980's - Beginning as Saltbush software the team had an idea to automate a lot of the paperwork and management for general Agribusiness and herd/livestock management, specialising in the stud beef cattle industry. Over the years Saltbush Software developed such programs as EquiMASTER, HerdMagic, FeedMania, RaceMATE, CashMagic, HerdMASTER Dairy, PigMania, StockRecorder, CaneMan and many more.
  • 1990's - HerdMagic was expanded to suit sheep and game breeders as well as the stud cattle industry, in the 1990's HerdMagic was updated to run under a windows environment.
  • early 2000's - A new version was created for the US Hereford market and titled HerdMASTER, this was renamed HerdMASTER 3 and expanded apon for the Australian and international markets it incorporated RaceMate as the Crush Side Recording Utility and a custom reporting tool as optional extras.
  • 2009 - HerdMASTER 4 was released and we instituted a rigourous updating system for weekly updates, a new optional module was added for visual property management called visual farm along with newer versions of the crush side module and the custom reporting tool. Integration of a tagbucket system and direct NLIS/NAIT/CCIA access were included along with numerous efficiencies. The Central Sync system was added to allow multiple installs of HerdMASTER to access cloud based updating of HerdMASTER animal data used by large multi-property agri-businesses
  • 2013 - HerdMASTER products were fully incorporated into the ABRI division and the name Saltbush Software was changed to The HerdMASTER team.
  • 2014 - The optional extras: Crush Side Recording Utility, Visual Farm, and Custom Reporter were included for free with any subscription to HerdMASTER. We also upgraded our cloud server to take advantage of new technologies in Central Sync and Cloud servers.

About ABRI

Agricultural Business Research Institute

The Agricultural Business Research Institute (ABRI) is a company based at the University of New England, Armidale, Australia which specialises in servicing the domestic and international livestock industries with a wide range of agribusiness information services.

With a staff of approximately 85 people, ABRI has more than 40 years experience in providing services to the livestock industry.