Installation FAQs

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When you try to run HerdMASTERDownloader windows pops up with a window asking which program to open it with.



Some security settings on newer versions of windows will strip the file extension (the bit of the filename that tells windows what kind of file it is) from the filename.

For example this file should be called herdmasterdownloader.exe but windows has named it herdmasterdownloader. 

The file will not have an icon in this case. It will look like below.

  1. In explorer select the file and hit F2 on your keyboard.
  2. The name will now be able to be edited, go to the end of the filename and type in .exe and hit enter

Now the file should look similar to the image below, notice the icon has changed.

you should now be able to run the program.


When installing the program says that some components HerdMASTER requires failed to install.


There are many reasons this may occur, from permissions not allowing the installation to issues with current installs of sql.

Try re-running the installer as an administrator by right clicking the downloader and selecting Run As Administrator.


If this does not work, please contact us from the page linked to below

Contact us page

At some point during install an error appears with error code 5 or 1505.


This is due to folder permissions in window 7 onwards not being set to allow the current user to install software to the folders required.


Make sure you have administrator privilages, if you already do, try running the program with administrator privilages by right clicking the file and selecting Run As Administrator from the menu.