Get started with a 30-day Free Trial of HerdMASTER 5

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Bundled Installer Package (Online) ⬇️ This is the full installer package for HerdMASTER 5. Everything you need to get started with HerdMASTER 5 is downloaded on the fly. This option will guide you through migrating from HerdMASTER 4. 515 KB


Other download options

Download Option



Bundled Installer Package (Offline) ⬇️ An alternative download option that includes everything from the Bundled Installer Package (Online) to get started with HerdMASTER 5 except everything is pre-downloaded and packaged. 299 MB
Standard Installer (Offline) ⬇️ The standard installer for HerdMASTER 5. This option is ideal for new HerdMASTER users. This does not include the migration wizard from HerdMASTER 4 to HerdMASTER 5. If you are coming from HerdMASTER 4 you should download one of the Bundled Installer Packages. 216 MB
Slim Installer (Offline) ⬇️ Installs HerdMASTER 5 and none of the prerequisites. This option should only be used if you are already using HerdMASTER 5 and are unable to update to the latest version using the built-in updater. 146 MB


Minimum Specs



Windows OS

Windows 10

Not Supported: Apple Mac (MacOS/Parallels)

Windows 11
CPU Dual Core
e.g. Intel Celeron/i3 Equivalent
Quad Core
e.g. Intel i5 or greater
Memory/RAM 4GB 8GB+
Screen Resolution

1366 x 768

(popular low-end laptop resolutions)

1920 x 1080

(1080p/Full HD)



Minimal Space required for app & database, not including backups 


This allows for app, database and backup growth over time

Internet Not mandatory but required for updates, Central Sync and internet required functions e.g. Society Registrations, NLIS feeds Recommend broadband 20Mbps+ for prompt update downloads & central sync.


Pay your invoice online

Alternatively, for direct deposit payments, please pay to the bank details included on your invoice and copy into your remittance for faster processing.