HerdMASTER is an easy to use livestock and herd management software. It is the ultimate replacement for your stockbooks.

Spend less time in the office

  • Connect your eID reader and scales to HerdMASTER to collect and view data in real time or import later, after handling.
  • Streamline your data transfer to your Breed Society, BREEDPLAN and NLIS databases.
  • Bulk-apply treatments and events to animals.

Improve your herd profitability

  • Lower costs by removing under performing animals.
  • Predict likely turnoff weights and match your animals to meet market specifications.
  • Maintain traceability required by EU marketing programs.

Drive genetic gain

  • Easy performance data transfer to BREEDPLAN.
  • Import and store genetic evaluation Estimated Breeding Values.
  • Standard and custom reporting to find your best animals.
  • AI and ET modules to track your breeding programs.

Smart features that help you save time

Stock Traceability

Easy integration with NLIS, CCIA and NAIT so you can keep your records up to date.

Crush-Side Data Entry

Cut down on time spent in the office by recording animal data while in the yards. connect a wand and weigh scales to automate data collection.

View Pedigree

Interactive pedigree trees allow breeding visualisation, and easy look-up of ancestors. Auto-calculation of breed percentages based on pedigree.

Recording Treatments

Recording procedures such as castration, or a vaccination or lick. Use batches to keep an eye on use-by-dates, withholding periods and batch quantities.

BREEDPLAN Integration

Reports designed specifically for direct submission it’s easy to update your data for evaluation and recording. EBVs can be imported and used for herd management.

Custom Reporting

Use the inbuilt reports, or create your own reports to suit your needs. Display only the information you want for the animals that fit your criteria in an exportable report.


Edit Animals

Flexible animal data maintenance allows users to edit individial animals, or apply the same information to bulk lists of animals to save time.


Track Matings

Data entry for matings is a breeze, you can apply all animals in a workgroup to a particular mating, use artificial insemination with or without syncs, Embryos, Natural. Use inbuilt multi-sire matings and genetic testing to determine sires for multi-sire joinings.

HerdMASTER is the best value for money herd recording and management package on the market.

Genetic evaluation integration

BREEDPLAN and society reports designed specifically for direct submission it’s easy to update your data for evaluation and recording, just click on the report that you wish to submit, select your animals and hit the submission button.

Using the BREEDPLAN Completeness of Performance Comparison you can easily compare the data you have recorded in HerdMASTER to the data you have submitted to BREEDPLAN.

NLIS, CCIA & NAIT integration

With online submissions, exports and imports integrating with NLIS, NAIT and CCIA you can keep track of your tags easily. HerdMASTER is the easiest way to keep your tag records up to date.

  • Retag records
  • Online tag downloads from NLIS & NAIT, CCIA exports
  • Automatic tag application for EIDS matched with visual IDs
  • Tag auditing
  • Movement submissions
  • Import tag buckets
Crush-side recording utility

Easily add and review animal information as they move through the crush. Connect a wand and scale indicator to the computer to directly scan an electronic tag into HerdMASTER and gather the weight directly from the scales.

  • Recording all traits and treatments
  • Search animal by Electronic ID or VID
  • View sale and purchase details
  • Compare to a previous worksheet
  • View animal history
  • Record retags

HerdMASTER is used by producers in over 30 countries and by members of more than 137 breed societies.


A quality herd recording system that enables efficient entry and retrieval of data and links to BREEDPLAN & Breed societies is a crucial part of the management of Wirruna Poll Herefords.

I see HerdMASTER as being the result of many years of software developers working closely with and listening to the needs of beef producers to make a very stable, flexible, user friendly and advanced herd recording program.

I value the support services which have demonstrated the flexibility of the program by being able to design and add new features to suit my individual needs.

As an ABRI product, HerdMASTER 4 provides an efficient interface to Pedigree and BREEDPLAN systems.

Ian Locke
Wirruna Poll Herefords

Our herd is currently recorded on HerdMASTER. We have a large number of cattle on our database that are heavily performance recorded. HerdMASTER has the capacity to handle this easily, being fully compatible with both BREEDPLAN and our breed society database. Additionally, the number and combinations of reports that can be generated is endless, saving us time and giving us the ability to make accurate, informed decisions regarding our herd. The program is continually being updated with improvements, keeping pace with changes in the Beef Cattle industry and the demands of users.

We certainly recommend HerdMASTER as a superior herd recording package.

David & Sonja Greenup
Rosevale Santa Gertrudis

HerdMASTER has been a crucial component of our business for the last 30 years.

Having operated 2 studs using the program over this time, we have now begun using the program in our commercial beef herd as well.

Beef cattle markets are now demanding more information to be supplied when selling livestock, Providing a comprehensive recording and reporting system as well as flexibility that has been incorporated over the years, HerdMASTER allows any number of reports to be generated. This makes it easy to supply the requested information and gains us more market access.

The support systems and staff at HerdMASTER are second to none, over the years every query or problem we have presented has been solved quickly.

Peter Bishop
Bishop Wagyu

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